Doctor Who Facts

There are many fans of the show that already know many things about the show as they already watch every episode that they have understood the capabilities of the characters and other things that have happened on the episodes. As the Doctor Who is one of the longest-running show it one that is very much appreciated and it became a part of the life of many people. As they already watch them and so they know them so they are good as we will share some facts.

This show has started to be shown in the year 1963 just a day after the famous and much-loved president of the united states was killed. It is a science-fiction story that you will know of. It has been listed as the one who achieved the title as the longest-running show in the area of science fiction category. That is why they can let the character regenerate when he would die in another form. That is why he can be played by many actors and not die.

From the first time, they do not have the idea that he can regenerate but because the actor who plays the lead role cannot be able to act because he is sick so the idea of regeneration came into life. It is an interesting way to make a character stay forever but the cast can change. It happens to many that some actors or actresses want to leave the show even if their character is still living so they make a way for them to exit.