Peter Capaldi

The actor of the Doctor Who which is recent is Peter Capaldi. He is the twelfth who played the character as the doctor when he was reincarnated. He is not just an actor but he is also a director and a writer. He has been nominated for his performances in the “The Thick Of It”. He has been nominated four times already and he also won the award “Best Male Comedy Performance” and that is in the year of 2010. Here is one of his images.

The actor also has received nominations to receive the award as the for “Best Supporting Actor”. In his real life, he was born in Glasgow in Scotland. When he studied art he joined a band and he became the lead singer and also their guitarist. The band is a punk rock and it was called Dreamboys. Since he began his career as an actor in the year 1983 he has been to about 40 television shows and films. He has appeared in Local Hero as Danny Olsen during the year 1983.

Since then many acting and appearances came to him and he has many lists of roles he performed. One of the roles he was known is when he is a spin doctor in a sitcom with a name “The Thick Of It” as Malcolm Tucker. When he has finished in this role he became the doctor in the Doctor Who series. He also wrote a script and he is also the actor. He can play roles and it is interesting.